Owen Dunkley
undergraduate outreach coordinator  


Describe your favorite color without using its name. The colour of a thick deciduous forest on a fine summer's eve.

Many things surrounding us remain unexplored, undiscovered, and unexplained. The inner workings of our brain, the nature of dark matter, the sorites paradox are just a few examples. What unsolved question can keep you awake at night and why? Did our laws of physics exist before the Big Bang? If not, are there other universes with other natural laws? These questions may never be answered, but it would be interesting to explore the other ways life may have evolved if our laws were not as they are.

Pretend that you work as a curator for a cultural heritage institution with a very extensive collection. You are tasked with choosing one item to present at a conference. The theme of this conference is the distinguishing character of human nature. What would you choose and why? A violin. While birds may be able to sing, no being on our planet has come anywhere close to having the complex creative abilities of the human species.