Dr. Claire Trottier
education specialist


Minerva is the patron goddess of wisdom and as such she is frequently referenced in educational institutions. Minerva is also the sponsor of handicrafts, poetry, and the arts in general. How does your field of study express Minerva’s divinity?The further you advance in university, the more you come to grasp the vastness of what you don't know. You gain expertise and skills in a very specific area that is ever changing, and you become more aware of what is unknown. I think there is a lot of wisdom in acknowledging the limits of your own knowledge, and in being comfortable with that fact

Pretend that you work as a curator for a cultural heritage institution with a very extensive collection. You are tasked with choosing one item to present at a conference. The theme of this conference is the distinguishing character of human nature. What would you choose and why? This is a tough one because I have to identify what I see as human nature, and I have to do that through a cultural artifact of some kind! This is way outside the area of my expertise. I'm trying to work in a science angle because that's my comfort zone. I would choose a replica of the golden record that Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan sent into space on the Voyageur spacecraft. It includes music and sounds from human life all over the planet, and the intent of this project was to represent humanity to a potential alien species in the depths of space. The work itself is supposed to represent humanity, but it's the reason behind the project that in my view is a true expression of humanity: curiosity about our world and our place in the universe, the desire to connect with others and to be understood.

Describe your favorite color without using its name. Vibrant and luminous like the sun.