Chantel Castelino
liaison; mcgill university's chapter of she's the first  


Out of all the discoveries, the inventions, and the advancements made throughout our history which one is your favorite and why? This is a very difficult question. The agricultural revolutions tackled the issue of malnourishment, and both were major contributors to the advancement of humankind. Though they fall close, I would say that my favourite advancement would be the discovery and implementation of vaccines. Vaccinations tackled the era of infectious diseases, and have thus enabled humans to grow to older ages. Vaccines still continue to save countless lives, and remain to be one of the most valuable contributions to science. 

Many things surrounding us remain unexplored, undiscovered, and unexplained. The inner workings of our brain, the nature of dark matter, the sorites paradox are just a few examples. What unsolved question can keep you awake at night and why?  How do we tackle cancer? How do we destroy something that is different for every person, and even within the person? When you think about how small a cell is, and its ability to metastasize without notice, the whole idea of tackling cancer seems daunting. There has been so much growth and advancements in the field, and I’m confident that we will tackle it...but once we do, what happens next? Humans are only growing older; increased lifespan paves the way for more degenerative diseases, and humans are already tackling this era of disease. With malnourishment, infectious diseases and degenerative diseases conquered, what will we have to face next? I'm sure this question could keep many people awake at night.